Wildlife Hero is a FREE mobile aplication




The Wildlife section has 2 main parts - a Wildlife Search and the Taxonomy drill down.

If you are looking to quickly access the details of one particular species you cannot beat the search function. Simply enter three or more letters of the common name and a list will be automatically populated for you to select from. In the screenshot below we entered “cape co”

Note the bright button to the left of the listing. That is your action button and you will use these buttons throughout the site to access other functionality (see below).

It only takes three hops, start to finish, to fully record a wildlife sighting.

Taxonomy Drill Down

One of the key objectives of Wildlife Hero is to bring the knowledge of nature to all people. That is why the application is free and why we include the taxonomy browser. As the application can work offline you can take your time browsing through the various levels seeing what species or groups are interconnected. Quite amazing really.

  • It goes Regnum / Phylum / Classis / Ordo / Familia / Genus / Species
  • Up until Ordo level we show icons after that thumbnails of species
  • The icons for species Class (Classis in full) are the ones we use on the maps
  • You will notice the colour of the icons change based upon the conservation status of the species

We try an combine the taxonomy name with a common name to help us all understand the taxonomy.We have not got common names for all taxonomy levels but we will have shortly. The info tab provides more information on the taxonomy level