Wildlife Hero is a FREE mobile aplication




Application Status

On the home page is access to this important application tool. It contains information on your internet connection GPS settings, and data sychronisation.

Network: Checks if your application is connected to the internet or not

Speed: Tells you the quality and speed of your internet connection

GPS Type: Wildlife Hero try's by default to get your current position based upon the GPS chip in your device. If this is not available it will try using your mobile network. Failing that it wil default to the position you have specified in My Patch

GPS Taken: GPS position can hang around in your device for quite a while so its another indicator of how accurate your location has been set.

Accuracy: If the position was taken from your GPS chip you would expect it to be within 30m. Mobile network readings can vary enourmously. If we dont know where you are we show 9999m as a cler warning.

View Location: This pops up a small map showing where we think you are

Reset Location: Gives you another chance to try and update your position. WWildlife Hero does always update your position when making sightings

Get Update: The information in the application is constantly being improved. We update this usually in the background when you are online. But you can check here

Upload Sightings: Just because you are offline does not stop you making sightings. Here you can upload them at a convenient time.

Account Settings

Users can do a number of things with their profile and sightings in the Settings sections. It also allows Wildlife Hero members update the information contained in the various factsheets.