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Invasive Species

There over 300 species classified as as invasive. In this section of the application yo find out who they are, the damage they cause and what methods are being made to eradicate them

Creating Action Areas

There are numerous organisations out there helping to control the spread of these pests - government departments, NGO’s, third party contractors, charities. Wouldn’t it be great if we could see all of these group’s actions on one map? Now creating a combined strategy is beyond the scope of this application but we can help a little by getting the action sites recorded and details of what they are doing.So if you are involved this is what you do

  • Register Your Organisation
  • Record the location of your action areas
  • Record the species you are trying to eradicate in these areas
  • Record how you are trying to eradicate.
  • Register Your Organisation

Wildlife Hero has a directory of companies that are environmentally friendly. So this is where your group should be listed – Heroic Groups.

Choose Heroic Groups

  • Click the Heroic Action button in the top right corner to reveal the options
  • Only one option at the moment, but that is the one you need
  • Enter some basic data about your group and what you are doing on your groups patch
  • You’re up and running

Add a Patch (Action Area)

Wildlife Hero currently only supports one patch but this will be extended shortly. Your patch does not have to be centred on your group’s office or physical location – it can be anywhere where you wish to record data.

  • Touch the ‘Our Patch’
  • Drag the ‘Our Patch’ icon to the location
  • Expand the circle to the desired patch radius
  • Touch the Heroic Actions button and save your data
  • Your done

Add Sightings

  • Wildlife Hero makes it easy for you to add recordings to your patch – particularly plants.
  • Click the Heroic Action button and choose ‘Add a Sighting’
  • Type three or more letters of the species name and choose from the list
  • Complete the recording form - notice your geo-location is not being used but the center of your map
  • Use the ‘Check Location’ button to set the exact location if needed
  • Your done