Wildlife Hero is a FREE mobile aplication




What's Wildlife Hero about? - Well it's quite simple.

Wildlife Hero is a none profit making organisation trying to help the general public to enjoy the wonder of nature while making a big contribution to keeping it. It try's to be a bit educational along the way too. Hope the taxology doesn't confuse :-)

There are millions of us Wildlife Heroes out there - of all ages,sizes and backgrounds. We see so much that we want to share, and need to share, with others. Wildlife Hero helps us do that. 

By recording what we see we not only keep a personal wildlife diary of our adventures but gather important information for the nature conservationists worldwide. What species? Where seen? What conditions? Wildlife Hero is a community rather than a product. And it needs your help. We want your photos, we want your observations, we want you tell us what we have got wrong. What functionality we need to add.- just tell us we have the ability. I promise.

This project was born from the tragic loss of two of our white rhino on the Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and the need to use modern technolgy to thwart poaching.

Download Wildlife Hero now. Its yours for free! Enjoy!