Wildlife Hero is a FREE mobile aplication



Getting Started

The Mobile App

Remember this is an Alpha release we have rushed out. The full release will be to coincide with the loss of our two rhinos on Amakhala Game Reserve three years ago in November 2010. There will be more bugs in the software than you will find in the database.

The size of the application is approximately 4mb so make sure you have a reasonable connection before you begin to download. You can download it here or from one of the app stores. Its free :-)

The application runs on most platforms including:-

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian

The Web App

We also have a web version of the software but this has not been optimised yet for viewing on a standard web browser so if you want to access it that way remember these limitations : -

  • • You need to have it working on a PC/Mac use Google Chrome or similar HTML5 compliant browser
  • • It takes a good few minutes to load dependent upon your internet speed
  • • Never use the refresh button If you get stuck go back to the index .html page
  • • Accept Geo-Location access from Wildlife Hero if asked
  • • Don’t try and log out and reregister you need to reload the index.html page
  • • If the browser starts acting sluggish close down the application and start a new session

After install on your mobile device you may be left looking at a black screen for about 20 seconds. We know about it and will fix it shortly.