Wildlife Hero is a FREE mobile aplication



My Sightings

You can make a new sighting from the home hortcut as illustrated below of from the species fact sheet. All your sightings are stored locally on your device as well as on the Wildlife Hero servers allowing you to view them offline.

Making a Sighting

  • Only 2 clicks required to capture 90% of all data. 
  • User offered option for additional information
  • Automatically triggers actions

There are only 5 input fields

The latitude and longitude are automatically populated from the mobile phones

The recording is editable afterwards so the user can record quickly without worrying about the detail.

On pressing record the basic details collected are inserted into the phones local storage

The user then has the opportunity to provide additional information for the local biodiversity manger

If the user is on line the data is sent to Wildlife Hero servers

If the user is not online they will be passed to the server the next occasion he is

You are then passed to the Wildlife Sighting page

The co-ordinates are used to obtain additional information about the location, vegetation, soil type and weather conditions.

The thumbnail of the species links back to the species detail page touching the map opens up a live Google map where you can view directions and other Google map functionality

There is an important ACTION button top right this brings up the menu options for this page

  • Edit and Delete are pretty straight forward so we won’t detail here
  • Email a friend lets you send details of the sighting to a number of addresses
  • Export to File has a number of output options. Export to PDF gives you a professional looking document
  • The others are file formats for loading into other applications
  • Wildlife Hero also has an API to allow developers access to the sighting data programatically